Introduction video

Risk reward is used.

D-bot Game Chagner Alpha Bars

What's included in this unique indicator:

  • Last Bar Analysis
  • Market Buy-Sell Power
  • User-Friendly Settings Menu
  • Sideways Market Hunter
  • Advanced Volume Analysis
  • Multi-Timeframe Analysis
  • Dynamic TP/SL Levels
  • Multiple Trailing Stop System

Real candle powers



= Strong;

There are two types, red and green. It shows that there is a strong buyer or seller. Generally, in the last candles, it is effective in predicting the direction of the price, in which direction “a Str” candles started to appear weighted.



= Normal;

They are strong candles that come after the "Str" candles. They often appear together. But although they are not as strong as the “Str” candles, they can still point the direction of the price. It might be worth considering if you have an incoming signal with a candle labeled “Nor”.



= Weak;

They are the weakest candles. If there is a “Wék” label on it, it means that we are dealing with the weakest candle types in terms of volume. But remember, they still have stronger volume than candles that don't have any tags on them.



= Choppy;

Candles that cannot indicate any direction. If the algorithm prints the “Cpy” label on many candles in a row, it can be understood that it is a horizontal trending market.