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With D-BoT Alpha Genesis Trade, we are here for you to open the doors to the transition beyond the financial galaxy! Aiming to introduce our premium work with a more detailed and comprehensive perspective, this website serves as a platform that will take you one step further from the sophisticated complexity of the financial world.

Exclusive Indicators

Below you can find the exclusive indicators and their advantages.

Alpha Genesis Prime with AI

Experience the future of investment today!

Alpha Genesis Prime combines the power of algorithmic trading with the flexibility of artificial intelligence technology

  • Algorithmic Trading Bot
  • Artificial Intelligence Support
  • Hedging Mode
  • Advanced Information Processing Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Optimization Options


Below you can find the premium indicators and their advantages.

Alpha Genesis Indicator

  • Reversal Zones (Can Be Optimized)
  • Algorithmic Trade Option
  • Two Different Exchange Integrations (Finandy & 3commas)
  • Multiple Take Profit and Stop Loss Options
  • Bot Trade Panel/Table
  • The Correlation Status with BTC/ETH
  • The Speed and Direction of Instantaneous Movement with BTC/ETH
  • Alpha Volatility Index

Alpha Genesis Oscillator

  • Optimal Peak and Trough Detection
  • Divergence Analysis
  • Advanced Trend Tracking
  • Dynamic Support and Resistance Analysis
  • Detection of Overbought and Oversold Conditions
  • Advanced Temporal Analysis
  • Optimization of Signal Frequency and Quality

Game Changer Alpha Bars

  • Take Profit and Stop Loss Levels (can be optimized)
  • Choppy Hunting!
  • Dynamic Trailing Stop Types
  • Swing Levels (can be optimized)
  • Real Candle Powers

Advanced Indicators

Advanced indicators often include improved versions of commonly used indicators in the market. In addition to these, there are also new indicators with original algorithms.

Genesis Strength Index

  • Detailed Optimization Options
  • Smoothing Coefficient
  • Divergence Detection and Optimization

Other indicators

  • Alpha Trend Oscillator
  • Alpha Trend Meter
  • Alpha Demand Index
  • Alpha Chaikin Money Flow Oscillator
  • Alpha Bar Oscilator


Below you can find the pricing packages we offer.

Free package

0$ free to use

In this package, you have free access to the following indicators as well as the ones we will release in the future.

  • Alpha All in One Bars ‘OTHIN’
  • Liquidity Channel with B/S
  • D-BoT Alpha Reversals
  • D-BoT Alpha Volume Spike
  • Alpha Williams Fractal Bands
  • Trend Bars
Standard package

Patreon via subscription

The indicators in this package will help you have an idea about the market.

  • Alpha Trend Oscilator
  • Alpha Trend Meter (D-ATM)
  • Alpha Bar Oscillator
  • Genesis Strength Index (GSI)
  • Alpha Demand Index
  • Alpha Chaikin Money Flow Osc
Premium package

Patreon via subscription

This package includes our prominent indicators and standard package products.

  • Game Changer Alpha Bars
  • Alpha Genesis Oscilator
  • Alpha Genesis Indicator
Exclusive package

Custom on demand

This package includes premium and advanced indicators.

  • Alpha Genesis Prime with AI