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About us

With D-BoT Alpha Genesis Trade, we are here for you to open the doors to the transition beyond the financial galaxy!

Aiming to introduce our premium work with a more detailed and comprehensive perspective, this website serves as a platform that will take you one step further from the sophisticated complexity of the financial world. On this platform, we host advanced indicators and oscillators, as well as resonant knowledge of algorithmic trading. We are excited to present to you our almost magical algorithmic indicators that we have consciously perceived the main differences between manual trading strategies and algorithmic trading and developed based on this awareness.

As we move forward in the light of financial wisdom, we expand the boundaries of being an informed investor and therefore getting to the top, by offering a variety of content related to market and technical analysis. We have equipped our investment tools with step-by-step user guides and clear video explanations so that you can use them easily, and we present these rich contents to you through a dynamic and interactive web page. During this magical journey, we aim to grow in a common pool of knowledge and experience, together with our valuable investors who want to progress, learn and develop with us.

Our team, which looks at the investment sector with a professional lens, is proud to offer you products that will enable you to take your decisions more comfortably, peacefully and confidently in your buying and selling transactions. We look forward to experiencing these high quality products offered to you and to further development and growth with us.


As a team, we do not make any recommendations regarding investments or transactions. The information shared here should not be construed as a call to buy or sell any security or to implement a particular investment strategy. The information on this platform is intended to help investors make more informed and information-based decisions.